raj nepal

Raj Nepal


Raj Nepal, a highly experienced CPA and Finance Manager, brings a wealth of expertise tailored to the aged care sector, bolstering the team at Clinical Assessor Home Care. In his role, Raj assumes a critical position in overseeing the organization’s financial activities, ensuring stability and transparency. From day-to-day operations to monthly financial reporting, Raj diligently navigates the intricacies of Aged Care Financing Regulations and ACNC (Not for Profit Charity) regulations. His deep understanding of financial management and compliance safeguards the organization’s financial health. Notably, Raj has an exceptional track record in successfully managing the financial operations recommission of a Residential Aged Care Facility, demonstrating his prowess in leading financial projects. Moreover, his involvement in overseeing the project for a Commonwealth Grant (Business Improvement Funds) showcases his exceptional project management skills. Raj’s proficiency extends to contractor management, supplier contracts, ANACC monitoring, and procurement processes, adding significant value to the company’s operations. With a strategic acumen honed over the years, Raj actively contributes to the board’s efforts in developing short-term and long-term growth strategies, optimizing returns from funds, and propelling the company towards success. By leveraging Raj Nepal’s financial leadership and extensive experience, Clinical Assessor Home Care secures a valuable asset within its executive team, ensuring sound financial management and positioning the organization for continued excellence in the aged care industry.