carolyn grant

Carolyn Grant


Carolyn Grant, an esteemed leader in the field, brings her extensive knowledge and expertise in aged care to Clinical Assessor Home Care. As the CEO and founder of People Plus Science, Carolyn’s focus has always been on understanding human and organizational behavior within the context of caregiving. Her unwavering dedication to research and product development ensures the sustainability and innovation necessary for the evolving landscape of aged care. Notably, Carolyn is the author of the acclaimed book “Legacy Leadership,” which explores the emergence of a new leadership model during times of crisis, specifically tailored to the aged care industry. She has also pioneered the creation of leadership and competency frameworks, specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced in aged care settings. Furthermore, Carolyn’s groundbreaking work includes Australia’s first Boardroom Psychological Safety Benchmark and Index, shedding light on the profound influence of boardroom dynamics on decision-making, performance, and risk management within aged care organizations. Inspired by the late Dr. Judith E Glaser, Carolyn emphasizes the transformative power of conversations and the critical role of culture and relationships in fostering organizational success. Through her profound understanding of leadership, psychology, and human connection, Carolyn Grant will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and excellence of Clinical Assessor Home Care, furthering its mission of providing exceptional care to the elderly.